The issue of race is a subject that is unavoidable for South Africans. With our long history of Apartheid, the birth of democracy in 1994, and more recently talk of racial transformation in the university – racial privilege is the topic on many young people’s minds. How should we steer discussion on such a delicate matter without becoming counter-productive in the way that we do? This blog is all about trying to peel away at the layers of a very large onion, being sensitive about the real oppression that many black people felt and still to some extent feel today, and then understand that there is no quick solution. It starts with acknowledging our diversity as something to be celebrated and encouraged, turning to the God who has created us this way. It is only the love of Jesus that can help us see eye-to-eye in view of our differences and backgrounds.


White SA: Racist or in Recovery?

By Jordan Pickering When I was a child in the 80s, our gardener’s son once wistfully confessed that he wished he was a European. I remember it vividly because it made absolutely no sense...