Faith & fact

Lots of people think Christianity is about taking a blind leap of faith into the dark. There can’t possibly be any objective reason for believing in Jesus who supposedly came and went more than 2000 years ago, some argue. Where’s the proof? This blog will show how faith is not a mindless pursuit of religion. Faith, whether it is in atheism or any other framework of thinking, must be grounded in fact for it to have any reasonable justification. And when we examine Jesus – what He said and what He did – the evidence demands a response. Many have argued against the validity of the Bible and the practical working out of that in Christianity (those arguments will be raised and dealt with in turn). May you personally come to see how the biblical worldview is a rational system of belief that is as much about intellectual stimulation as it is about spiritual transformation.


It is Time to Stop Talking about Religion

By Wessel Venter In the second half of the 18th century, Enlightenment thinkers such as David Hume and Voltaire believed that they were living in the “twilight of Christianity”.  They looked forward to a...


Slavery From A New Perspective

By Wessel Venter The world today is trying to define its goodness and morality apart from religion and apart from God. While many are willing to acknowledge the good things which religion can contribute...


Evolution and the Evidence for God

By James Bishop Let me start off by saying that the theory of evolution is irrelevant to Christianity and its truth claims. God created mankind, and God being God is of course in the...


Grounded in Historical Reason

By Wessel Venter In the mid-to-late 2nd century, a Greek philosopher named Celsus wrote a book called The True Word. In this book he took a systematic approach in attacking Christianity and to show...