White SA: Racist or in Recovery?

By Jordan Pickering When I was a child in the 80s, our gardener’s son once wistfully confessed that he wished he was a European. I remember it vividly because it made absolutely no sense...


Slavery From A New Perspective

By Wessel Venter The world today is trying to define its goodness and morality apart from religion and apart from God. While many are willing to acknowledge the good things which religion can contribute...


Wet Cat

Joshua Pearse is a first year fine art student studying at the University of Cape Town. He is currently exploring various artistic media but feels most confident working with graphite. He intends to communicate hope and encourage...


Evolution and the Evidence for God

By James Bishop Let me start off by saying that the theory of evolution is irrelevant to Christianity and its truth claims. God created mankind, and God being God is of course in the...


Bear Fruit

Ntobeko Mjijwa is an artist, poet and rapper who hails from the Friendly City, Port Elizabeth. He is passionate about theology, student ministry and expressing his love for God in many shapes and forms....


Grounded in Historical Reason

By Wessel Venter In the mid-to-late 2nd century, a Greek philosopher named Celsus wrote a book called The True Word. In this book he took a systematic approach in attacking Christianity and to show...



Tasneem Kamies is a self taught artist based in the heart of Cape Town who specializes in water-colour painting and illustration. Her paintings are created by an intuitive blend of brush strokes, drips and...

S.O. in South Africa 0

S.O. in South Africa

One of the things that stood out the most for me about S.O. is his humility on stage and desire to spread the gospel through his music. I wanted to uncover a bit more about this man’s journey as a Christian rapper – what do we need to know about S.O.?