Through the storm

Life can be hectic. Uncertainties, doubt, fear, temptation, rejection and stress are just some of the things that students have to deal with at university. There is so much one faces that it’s important for the person to know that he/she doesn’t have to face it alone. This blog is here to offer encouragement and godly counsel to any young person who may be struggling with conflicting issues – whatever they may be. It is here you will find words of hope for your seemingly hopeless situation.


Inside The Sorrow

By Kyle Johnston When you’re going through suffering it often feels like a fire. It burns. It hurts. And it can destroy. The Bible uses this metaphor to explain the nature of suffering –...


Chosen (Not Forgotten)

By Kyle Johnston The Loneliness of Suffering Suffering has a way of isolating us. When we suffer, we can easily feel alone—loneliness seems to follow suffering. Pastor Timothy Keller, drawing on the insights of...


How to Handle Trouble

By Kyle Johnston I have the privilege of serving others as a biblical counsellor. One of the honours of this ministry is that I help others walk with God through pain and suffering. However,...