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Prayer is the engine room for Scope Magazine. All that we are today is because of God and His goodness in answering the prayers of many people who have seen the potential that this publication has to transform lives.

Some general things you can pray for

  1. As students are exposed to the ministry of Scope Magazine, they would indeed be introduced to a bigger scope of our world today through the lens of the Bible and make this biblical worldview their own.
  2. That our Father would continue to be faithful in establishing this magazine on more university campuses in the Western Cape and across South Africa. May His kingdom come and His will be done wherever He takes it.
  3. That this would be a medium where individuals who are followers of Christ can be joined together in their love for God and their love for campus as the Gospel speaks through the actual content and visuals, but also in the living out of that Gospel, seen in the unity of God’s people.
  4. Please pray that everyone on the print and web teams and any other contributors would strive after excellence in all that we publish.

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